Custom Silk Screen Service :
Your designs made into a

simple flexible screen
to print by hand or on gocco

Sizes :
 small 4 x 5  
medium  8 x 5 or 11 x 8
large  8 x 10  
gocco size,    4x6
PA70 size,      7x12

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Get Your MoJo Movin"!

      We make the screen, you make the magic.    

CUSTOM Screen Services.      
Create beautiful highly detailed painted designs on
fabric, wood, glass and other surfaces.


  Simple Three-Step Boogie:      Create your design.      Choose your screen-size (frame optional).   Email your image to us.

*see details below for image requirements

Idea for the usual printables, plus WOWFUN etching cream, foil glue, ceramic glazes.
Please feel free to email us with questions or comments. We love to talk about process, and we are always happy to hear from you.

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 Decal Paper...
waterslide transfers  *see tutorials below

Screen Making Service

Gocco Lamps
Printing Screens

gocco and thermofax,
solar and yudu

Info: Unframed Screen

40 ml tubes

Alternative Inks
for YUDU, Gocco, Fabric and Other Printing

Info:Alternative Inks

Tools and Toys
some of our fav'rite t'ings

 Hand Stamp Kit

Embossing Folders:

dies and embossing, fits most machines

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Laser Print Decals 
for ceramic transfers

 Pulp Fiction
DIY create paper pulp for casting or sheet forming

Carving lino and rubber

Gelatin Plate Printing 
Super Easy monoprint technique

Duck-tape   Edge In Stock Sizes:                  

70  Mesh Screen
comparable to US 120 mesh
screen sizes ~

      8"  x   10.5"
 Half Style 1:  
     5.25"   x    8.5"

Half Style 2:
   4.25" x  10.5"
 Quarter :
     4"  x  5.25"

* B5 compatible PA70:


    7" x 12"

B6 Gocco Size Screens         *100 mesh*
  sized for standard gocco
Imaged, edge-taped ~ $8.25

4.25" x 6"
Imaged, mounted in sturdy Plastic frame  $14.85

4.25" x 6"

fits standard  goccos:
sturdy plastic frame only -

B6 size with ink flap
Re-usable& easy to clean

  B6 GOCCO    FRAME ONLY: $4.95

D I Y * Cut your own frame *

PRINT GOCCO "B6" frame


  guidelines for your artwork:

  • Your image must be High Contrast Black and White.  Thermal imagers don't recognize grey, and sometimes drop those bits.    We can convert it for you if needed; small charge may apply.
  •  Use pretty much any image format(tif, jpg, png, psd,bmp) but please make them high quality.
  • We prefer jpg or psd, greyscale, with a resolution of 300. (aka ,  medium high to high quality.)

      If the resolution is too low, you will not be pleased with the print quality.   On the computer screen, 72 dpi is common and  looks great.  On paper, hmm, well,  not so much. Your screen & prints will have fuzzy / blurry edges.   We recommend printing a test copy on good white paper and check it under magnification. 2x reading glasses are good.  This way you can see if the black is really black, and how smooth the line is.
  •   * If you would like wa-a-a- y  more information on this topic, you'll find it here
    @  Photoshop Essentials:   Image Quality and Resolution .
  • Please send your image >full size, ready to print out.
     Please email the image at the actual size ready for us to download/printout.    If you send us an image that thinks it's 18" x 24" it won't print out to 6" x 8" by itself . We can convert it for you if you don't know how.
Please Note ~
LARGE SOLID AREAS IN DESIGN are difficult to burn cleanly. If you are an experienced printmaker, you will know what kind of leeway you have.    If you are not sure, please add texture to any large solid areas.
(* We can do this for you if you don't know how; small charge may apply). 

There are a number of posts about this in a most interesting forum  
where you can also search the informative archives to your heart's delight.

(e) MAIL IT!     to,    subject line     "Screen Image"
or mail us a clean copy of your design:    northwoodstudios, 18816 NW 46th AVE., ALACHUA, FL 32615