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 Decal Paper...
waterslide transfers  *see tutorials below

Screen Making Service

Gocco Lamps
Printing Screens

gocco and thermofax,
solar and yudu

Info: Unframed Screen

40 ml tubes

Alternative Inks
for YUDU, Gocco, Fabric and Other Printing

Info:Alternative Inks

Tools and Toys
some of our fav'rite t'ings

 Hand Stamp Kit

Embossing Folders:

dies and embossing, fits most machines

Shipping Info



Laser Print Decals 
for ceramic transfers

< style="font-family: Verdana; font-size: small;"> Pulp Fiction
DIY create paper pulp for casting or sheet forming

Carving lino and rubber

Gelatin Plate Printing 
Super Easy monoprint technique

  Speedball 4534   9" Squeegee    $9.00
*Ergonomic neoprene, can be cut to size*
65 durometer rubber blade,


   Fabricmate Markers   Closeout *click here
from $2.50
Freehand or spot color with these fabulous
wash-fast markers.   Multi multi                    

speedball squeegee 4534
for graphics
and craft apps.

 Speedball 4505

speedball printing kit 4505

Ranger Jumbo Embossing PAD $ 8.00
Slow drying clear embossing ink in a jumbo size pad
 6 5/8" x 4 7/8"!

• Acid free   • Great for larger stamps 
  • works with brayers
MSRP $12.99


Ranger HeatIt!! Embossing Powder !!  $2 each

(1) Copper 
(6)Superfine Black  
(3) Holographic/clear  
(1)  Holographic/green  
(2) White Puff  

Flocking powder: 
1) Cherry 

Please select from drop-down list


 TADA! Custom etched/frosted glassware.
 This easy to use cream makes it simple
to etch with
 stencils and screens. 

etching powder

    Just spread it on,
let sit a bit, then remove stencils
and rinse off.

3oz.   msrp $7.00  $3.00   FUN!

These are perfect little stamp pads
to ink with your own medium.
glaze, ink, paint, etch cream?
to use on a variety of surfaces
glass, ceramic, fabric or paper?
$2 each  !!!

Blank Inkable Stamp Pads
stamp pads