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These are a few of our Favorite Things

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 Decal Paper...
waterslide transfers  *see tutorials below

Screen Making Service

Gocco Lamps
Printing Screens

gocco and thermofax,
solar and yudu

Info: Unframed Screen

40 ml tubes

Alternative Inks
for YUDU, Gocco, Fabric and Other Printing

Info:Alternative Inks

Tools and Toys
some of our fav'rite t'ings

 Hand Stamp Kit

Embossing Folders:

dies and embossing, fits most machines

Shipping Info



Laser Print Decals 
for ceramic transfers

 Pulp Fiction
DIY create paper pulp for casting or sheet forming

Carving lino and rubber

Gelatin Plate Printing 
Super Easy monoprint technique

Sturdy flexible 4ml vinyl stencil
Spiral stencil  

Lightly adhesive clingy vinyl stencils. Use with paint, dye, glazes, discharge
 on paper, cloth, glass...

 fun and funky!  
 see our blog post  
CreativeArtsCafe, DeColorant

Package includes instructions, 
re-usable 5" x 8"  stencil sheet and wood applicator.  



Glass Etching Cream
 ETCHING is easy? YES!

Screen or stencil: Brush on a opaque layer of cream, wait 2-3 minutes, remove screen or stencil and rinse object under flowing water.

$ 7.00 msrp     $3.00

#Bone FoldersBone Folders aka Paper Creasers
A Most Useful Assistant

Straight 6"
Curvy Compact 4.75"


Ideal for crisp folds and scores with minimal marking on paper or cloth.
Also good for polishing polymer and clay surfaces, and
curling ribbon without stripping!

  1/4" wide Adhesive-backed foil /15 ft. roll.

JUST PERFECT for jewelry, but it has many other easy and fun uses - edge tiles, stones, embellish cards, scrapbook pages, altered art projects ...and it even fires into polymer clay. (...yes, we did!)

* Brass and Copper tapes can be soldered.

Metal Foil Adhesive Tape

Silvery Aluminum, Copper, or Gold Finish Brass     $5.75
A solution (heh) for cleaning
your delicate screens.
It is gentle, very effective and easy to clean up.

$ 5.95 for a 6-7 oz. Tube
Goccogrrl Screen Cleaner#5B

RISO Carbon Pens     $ 7.95
Brush or Pen tip. Each has two tips, different sizes.

 The special carbon ink of the RISO pen allows you to free-hand an original that will flash directly without the need to make a copy. 


Discharge printing:
Instead of printing a colored ink onto the fabric, you print the color OUT.

Kind of cool on dark tees! And then you have the option of overprinting with whatever colors
(or textures, like foil ? I like foil)

#Fabulous Fuzzy Flocking,
4 sheets    12 x 16 inches
FLOCKING - a new print dimension
Great for embellishing paper crafts; home decor;
fabrics and walls...any printable surface!

Each package contains four 12x16 inch sheets
(2 each, magenta and deep turquoise) and one flocking roller.
Instructions for use are printed on the package.

$ 14.95 (compare @ $16 to $18.00)


Seriously Cloth Stuff:

See Our Super Closeouts
on Page Two
"Fiber Frolics"

Presto Voila, velvety prints!
 Printing Adhesive for Foils and Flock

4 oz.  7.95 


Print Design with this water-based adhesive, then simply lay flocking material on top and iron it to adhere.  *great for metallic foils and
embossing powders too!

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