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We tested some alternative printing inks,because we prefer to use greener materials in our home, and believe you do too.

T a   D a :
We are pleased to report that the fabulous  Aqua Permaset  inks are certified "green". Please feel free to review and/or download the technical data pdf file for Permaset Aqua Inks.
We find they are  more viscous than other silkscreen inks tested, and work for gocco printing with some caveats.
There is a bit of a re-learning curve: our three primary recommendations are to apply less ink on the screen, to use less pressure while printing, and to keep a mister handy while printing. Hit the screen occasionally with a light mist on longer runs, because these are waterbased inks and will dry more quickly than the oil-based RISO inks for paper.
There are other advantages to using the Aqua Inks - the color range! Metallics, neon-y, and super-opaques are available, and mixable with other water-based print inks.

They air-dry on non-absorbent materials :~) like glass and media discs.  RISO oilbased inks need a more absorbent surface, like paper or cloth, to dry in a reasonable time. Printing on glass with the inks for paper could take several days to set, and smears / dust collection might be a problem.

Also, Aqua is colorfast for on cloth as well ...once dry, heat set with an iron on med/high to cure the print. Keep your iron clean and prevent any accidental color transfer by laying a piece of clean paper over the design while ironing.

Speaking of cleanup, well boy howdy, we love water-based media. What a difference! Easy washup with water/sponge/a little dilute gentle detergent, and your screen is ready to fold into clean paper to dry flat and file for next time. (If you've spent any time batch cleaning your screens, even with our fabulous GGSC, you know what I'm talkin' 'bout here.)

ok ~ on to YUDU and thermal screen, aka printing with a squeegee ~
Yes, the Aqua Inks are perfect for squeegee printing. Yes, they work with the StampIt.
RISO inks in the 100 cc jars, which are still available and well priced, are also more viscous than other silkscreen inks around, and they are perfect to use with the Yudu. Both brands are washable, easy on the screen & safe for any emulsion, and EASY to CLEANUP :~D

The price is better :~). We did the math:
  • Yudu 3pack inks are 2 oz.(60 ml )each,  @ $16 to $18 per 6 oz./180 ml. - big yiyikes.

  • RISO screen inks are 100 ml. containers starting at a high of $5.95 per single jar. Purchasing a set of four = even less.
    Not to mention, they are thicker than the YUDU inks and can be extended with water for free style brushwork on fabric.

  • The basic colors blend beautifully to create custom shades. You can mix these with other waterbased printing inks too.
  • Speaking of mixing it up, we mixed in some acrylic retarder for a nice translucent overprint. Also, our microfine pearl powder pigment makes these ink more viscous and more opaque. We have a pearly silver white powder, and another that gives a gold pearl sheen.

    And while we're on the *useful news* note ~ try disposable icing bags as ink mixing & dispensing cones.


    Visit our  Alternative Inks page now?