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This peach of a pad allows you to easily print off- machine.

Just like a giant custom-design rubber stamp!

Adhesive pad holds B6 screen in place for stamping wherever you want.
Includes a clear registration screen with pad-sized window, for easy alignment.

 Use on any's not just for cloth, kids :~) Print posters, wood, cardboard, clay, canvas, curtains - napkins, bulletin boards, slate? Print repeats on walls, tables, on floors and rugs...! Sidewalks? Gocco on...
tutorial / stamp-printing fabric repeats:  lara cameron designs

   more gocco research:
Spam-free gocco forum: Yahoo gocco-printers

* FAQs about fabric inks:  RISO Inks for Paper are oil-based. They print beautifully on fabric, but some fade in the wash.  Inks for Cloth are water based, easier to cleanup, and prefer a brief heatsetting and/or a 12 hour "cure" time before first wash. Other fabric inks or specially prepared screen printing inks can be used with some thickening...and/or testing.

Description: As with the RISO stamp, the screen simply adheres to the sticky pad of the STAMPit.  You can use a bit of additional tape if needed- depends on the age and stickiness of your pad.
Our version includes a translucent mylar registration sheet which has a central insert or cutout matching the size of the STAMPit pad. The frame around the cutout is about 2" wide and has markings  that line up with marks on the edges of the STAMPit.

Directions: Prepare your screen, ink it lightly and adhere it to the STAMPit.     Place the registration sheet on a clean flat work surface, markings face up, and if it's not already there, center the insert and tack iit in position with a bit of tape.

Next, stamp print your image onto the sheet. (*Optional: add registration marks of your own at this point. Blue tape works well.)      Set the STAMPit aside.          Lift the whole registration sheet and position it on your fabric.  Your material will be visible underneath the translucent sheet.  When your printed image is where you want it , remove the insert but leave the outer frame in place. (Optional: Use a little low-tack tape to keep the frame in position on your materiai.)    Then lower the stamp/screen over the material, lining up the markings, and !PRINT! print,print.

*The printed design is easily removed from the plastic registration insert. You can make additional inserts as well, cut from any stiff clear material.