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   ADINKRA SYMBOLS are highly stylized powerful graphic renderings of organic and geometric shapes. Historically, these beautiful forms began to appear in the 1800s when the Asante people of the Ivory Coast became known for creating  these unique and symbolic images primarily on hand woven and printed fabrics.  

Adinkra cloth was originally exclusive to royalty and the spiritual leaders of Ghana and Cote' d'lvoire in sacred ceremonies and rituals. 
The significance of each design infuses prints with a rich narrative subtext since each  symbolic motif has a name and profound meaning, a story illustration of a proverb, a historical event, human  or animal behavior,  botanic/ plant life,  or  from forms and shapes of inanimate  objects.

Contemporary artists honor the sense and the graphic strength of these extraordinary glyphs in an inspiring range of applications.

What I hear, I keep

"What I hear, I keep"
Symbol of wisdom, knowledge
and prudence.  The implied meaning is,
"I understand".

ram's horns, strength
DWENI NI MMEN "Ram's horns"

Symbol of STRENGTH (mind, body
and soul) and HUMILITY.

 "Dwenini ye asisie a ode nakoma
na ennye ne mmen:
The ram may bully, not with its horns
but with his heart."

understanding, compassion

The panoramic mystery of creation
dates back before memory.

All things are part of the infinite mystery.
No one lives who saw its beginning.
No one will live to see its end.

initiative, versatility
 NKYINKYIM  "twisting"  

Symbol respresenting
dynamism and versatility


What I hear, I keep

"spider's web"

Symbol of wisdom, creativity
and the complexities of life.

Ananse the spider is a well-known character in African folktales who is part trickster, part teacher.

Measuring Stick

"measuring stick"
Symbol of examination and quality control.

This symbol stresses the need to work towards the best, whether in production of goods or in human endeavors and to exercise due diligence in all things.

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