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B70 is a large format sheet of 70 mesh screen ~ 9" x 11.5"/ 230 x 290 mm.
Available in single sheets, 5 packs, and 20 packs. *Flash it in sections on any Gocco print machine, and print large format with a squeegee or press/stamp *OR*Cut the flashed image into smaller pieces and tape the edges to use as a flexible movable screen. (Great for curved forms, ceramic and glass...)

Pre-stretched, easy to use.
70 mesh screen works with almost any printing medium.
**Our most economical screen option**
1 sheet: $4.50
5 pack:$18.95


Like the standard gocco screens,one side has an emulsion coating that feels slick or slippery. Place your artwork face against this side. The other side feels less smooth -this side is your printing surface.  So, remember, for printing: Scritchy side up! Emulsion Slippery side down!

Same when cleaning your screen; don't scrub the emulsion, work on the woven side to protect the film.

Part UNO:     Flash one end first, then the other. Leave the art stuck on the screen in between.
Tack the screen woven side down on the backside of your frame, with double faced tape. That will be the ink-up side. Then cover the raw edges with any water-resistant adhesive tape. Recommended order is top edge from center to corner, then bottom, then each end.
For printing on machine or with the Stampit, tape a sheet of acetate (improv ~ wax paper or plastic wrap)along one edge, on the inking side.
Lift the flap, ink, replace the flap Et voila! Go Gocco! (Or Stamp On) paper. Or cloth. Or glass or tile or.
 DIY: Printable
   B-6 frame template

 New!* Gocco B6 Frame   $4.95

*Sturdy Re-usable Plastic - tabbed to fit gocco presses!

*acetate flap included



Information Only (not in stock):

Standard Gocco Printers:PG5 and PG11
Large Gocco Printers: PG Arts
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