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FunkArt Screens eclectic array for your creative inspiration...
Ready to print on fabric, clay, canvas, paper


Texture Screens    so fun, so versatile!      Stand alone or mask off for backgrounds and borders.      

 Small screens are not feasible for these designs.

Please choose medium  4x6 design area. or large: 7 x 9 design area. 

Size option:

001: Leaf Print, Fine

leaf print, fine

002:  Scallop Weave


002:  Retro Circuitry


004:  Circle Parade

random circles_8x10

005:  Bubble Warp



006:  Leaf Print, Large



When working with full designs, use a simple masking stencil to create open areas for overprinting or other media. 

A stencil will adhere to the underside of the screen nicely.
  Freezer paper is sturdy enough PLUS easy to trace on, easy to cut.
**Chain of Hearts? * Cupcakes?**
Snowflakes*Paper dolls* Circus Train**

Place your stencil /mask on the underside of the screen, not the ink side. Run a few prints on test paper to fix it in place. If you feel a need for more adhesion, spray the stencil lightly first with photo-mount, and burnish the edges gently and evenly to the (clean dry) screen.


 (as if you need any more ideas) For an exciting start to any project  run prints with inks of different colors side-by-side on the screen.
*Print with one color, (say, purple) then offset the design 1/8" and print it again in a color wheel opposite. (sing, orange).
Or overprint with a pastel version of your base color...or a translucent ink

 *Explore partial masking: Block the center with a smaller sheet of paper, for a lovely textured border ink?  Or, mask off positive/negative shapes. Cut your own !Fold, Mark, SNiiiiP!  or try ours :~)

 Scraps can be used collage-style in other works, to add some harmonic flashes of repeat elements.

~ Have Fun ~
~ Create!~

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