YUDU Printing Accessories, thermafax screen, blockout, transparencies
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   ***For Something simpler consider using  ezPHOTO SCREEN***       **Got INK?**  See the specials page, or visit the  Inks  gallery of  inspirational colors of high quality printing  inks

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 Decal Paper...
waterslide transfers  *see tutorials below

Screen Making Service

Gocco Lamps

Printing Screens
gocco and thermofax,
solar and yudu


Info: Unframed Screen

Basic colors/Cloth & Paper
Pearl & Metallic Inks
Japanese Ink Colors
Pastel &CMY

Alternative Inks
for YUDU, Gocco, Fabric and Other Printing

Info:Alternative Inks

Tools and Toys
some of our fav'rite t'ings

 Hand Stamp Kit

Embossing Folders:

dies and embossing, fits most machines

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Laser Print Decals 
for ceramic transfers

 Pulp Fiction
DIY create paper pulp for casting or sheet forming

Carving lino and rubber

Gelatin Plate Printing 
Super Easy monoprint technique

they're back!
11" x 14" So easy: wet and roll out onto any stretched screen, expose & cure,
then print!
  Each sheet = four 5"x7" size prints

Sheet Count~


Environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaner can be washed down the sink. Spray or brush emulsion remover on both sides of screen, work into screen with a non-abrasive pad, or a brush. Let sit 30-60 seconds before spray-rinsing with water, using pad or brush as needed for complete removal.  YUDU compatible/works on any silkscreen ink.


Yudu Squeegee Pro - 11.125"

The comfortable plastic grip on the Squeegee Pro offers ergonomic comfort even when pulling dozens of prints. The rubber blade is perfect for screen-printing on fabric, and the rounded edges allow for the smoothest possible deposit of ink for a crisp and professional print.

MSRP: $15.00 to $28.95   Our price: starting at $10.75

TRANSPARENCIES   *see note below

 Create your own designs: Water-resistant printable transparency.   Print from your computer, or draw directly on the film with any opaque ink,  then  burn onto the emulsion sheet/screen in your Yudu.  Smear resistant transparencies allow sharply defined images. 

Screen Blockout (2oz.)

Nontoxic and nonflammable, quick and easy clean up with water, Blockout does just what it says. Paint out pinholes, smudges, unwanted lines. Lets you fix your mistakes, allowing you to repair screen images instead of starting from scratch.
MSRP: $8.00   Our price: $5.95


*Working with Transparencies:

It's hard to get a truly opaque image on a home printer.  An old printers' trick is to print two copies and stack them precisely, doubling the opacity.

We recommend using a laser jet, set to maximum ink. Any PPC copier will work on either side of any transparency.

 Sometimes you need to run a line of tape across the feed edge so the copier will recognize that there is, indeed a feed going through.

INKJETS: Which side of the film do I print on? Transparencies often have two different sides. You can tell which side is inkjet receptive side by wetting a finger lightly and touching the film. Inkjet coated side is slightly tacky when wet.

What are the optimal printer settings?

Inkjet Printers: Open your printer menu "Utilities" drop down menu to choose the following options:
~  Select BEST QUALITY PHOTO or BEST IMAGE This will enable your printer to print at its max resolution.
~  Select paper settings dropdown to "premium glossy photo paper" or similar. This tells your printer to lay down the maximum amount of ink, which gives you the best opacity.

Handle these printout with care; it may remain wet longer than usual. Some printers allow you to select "longer drying time". This function is in the "Advanced" tab on the print options menu. 

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