Paper Arts Exploration   part one
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JUDY FUNK         Northwoodstudios    Creative Arts Cafe           North Central Florida

Some paper explorations from this century. These are predominantly recycled office shred, dried on wire forms or my own molds.

Mayan Calendar 10 in. dia.


enlarge  Persephone 14"H
view2     w/ wooden stand

Gator, Embossed Panel

24" embossed gator skull

sheet laid out on curved sheet of diamond lathe, pink pomegranate tears/ fluorite accents attached with fine copper wire unwound from small motor cylinder.

aka the deconstructed heart of Ceres flayed and laid out
blood snow icy tears



Terra Tray
travois form on cherry branches
cotton and silk fiber / bone and stone buttons

Leaf Tray/bottom

Leaf Emboss/Stencil & Brush  18" x 24"

Full Tray

Tray - Mold cast, stamped & painted

stamp notes
Tray detail: enlarge   


reverse curve leaf and branch embossed
  earth pigment stencilling
rox 24" x14"
fresco tray

Tray, 14" x 18"
Venetian Plaster /faux

36" x22" Wall hanging
embossed botanicals/sumi-e ink detailing

Fern Page

  1 - enlarge 
  2 - detail