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Flock IT!
Get Yo' Fuzzy On.

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 Decal Paper...
waterslide transfers  *see tutorials below

Screen Making Service

Gocco Lamps
Printing Screens

gocco and thermofax,
solar and yudu

Info: Unframed Screen

40 ml tubes

Alternative Inks
for YUDU, Gocco, Fabric and Other Printing

Info:Alternative Inks

Tools and Toys
some of our fav'rite t'ings

 Hand Stamp Kit

Embossing Folders:

dies and embossing, fits most machines

Shipping Info



Laser Print Decals 
for ceramic transfers

 Pulp Fiction
DIY create paper pulp for casting or sheet forming

Carving lino and rubber

Gelatin Plate Printing 
Super Easy monoprint technique

Screenprinted Transfer for flock, foil and embossing


  Buy or Burn a screen, ready to print.

70 mesh works best with thicker print medium like flocking adhesive, glass etching cream, and ceramic glazes.


flocking adhesive on screen

Apply a thick line of flocking adhesive along the edge of your design, in the margin of the screen.  
*better to err on the Too Much side of things so be generous! Any excess can be returned to the container when you are finished printing.

Flood and squeegee flock adhesive through screen

With your squeegee, make a first pass to flood the screen with the adhesive . This is just to help the 'ink' distribute evenly.

Once it is spread across the entire screen, pull firmly several more time with a little more pressure to ensure that the adhesive is penetrating and saturating your design through to the material underneath.


Roll Flocking Sheet over print=

Lift the screen out of the way. *Drop in a tray of water with the squeegee for cleanup later.

LAY the flocking transfer sheet over the inked print. Press firmly to make clean contact. 

Ready to Iron!

Supplies: screen, adhesive, flocking. Squeegee,
Cleanup with water/eco friendly.

IRON getting hot?
Ironing SPACE ready?

RINSE tray for screen ready?

  Heatset:  For washable fabrics!    3 -5 minutes of ironing @ med. heat. Cool to the touch, then peel off.

  et voila, Viola.
!! Fuzziness !!

So many ways to play with this yippee!  Experiment. Use a brush with adhesive embossing fluid or with polymer medium or our embossing glue pens (4 paper). Trace or freehand a design, then iron the flocking sheet from the back to transfer the fuzzy color. Remember, more is betta in this instance. Lay it on.

There are also flocking powders available. These are used just like using embossing powder, sprinkled over a sticky image. You can trace or freehand your design with an embossing pen, or use a rubber stamp tamped up with adhesive embossing ink.
BASIC: Apply adhesive to stamp with a brush, pen or pad (see below ).
          Stamp image onto media. Pour or sprinkle flocking powder onto surfacedistributing it evenly over the adhesive.
         Optional: tamp/brush it in.   Then tilt your material and tap off excess powder onto a clean sheet of paper to be poured back into the jar.
Pull out your heat gun, gauchos. Let the magic happen!
Be sure to clean everything that comes into contact with the glue pad. As with embossing powder, you can pour the excess flock back into the jar.

Clean your screen as soon as possible. Goccogrrl screen cleaner will work :~) and we love Joy hand dish soap too.

research:*google, flocking transfer sheet"    If you know of a good flocking you-tube, please share!

Super easy flocking and embossing helper

   $12.00    $ 10.00

        L A R G E    5x7   stamp pad
pre inked with clear embossing fluid.
*TIP*  Place cutouts on your paper & use the pad itself to stamp over them - easy negative space flock/emboss

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