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Panenka A4: The New Thermofax Screen Imager
Magic? Screens in seconds! From image to imaged screen ~ TA DA!
Gocco Supreme. This tabletop unit turns your black and white original artwork into a screen, instantly.
Simple to use: Plug it in, turn it on. Sandwich art and screen pages, feed into base, and your print-ready screen rolls out the top. 
(How-to's and video links below.)     Hundreds of exposures, no disposable bulbs.
These beautifully engineered machines are designed to last!
   Years of reliable and consistent low-maintenance operation.
Works for tattoo spirit masters also, in case you need a fallback. We're just saying.

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Thermofax Printing:
Bringing Personal Imagery Alive

by Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan

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Change your medium, change your material: Print on cloth, paper, wood, leather, metals, clay.   A thermal screen can run hundreds of much fun! *sigh*, so little time.
A3 Thermofax
$ 1,180.00

*Thermafax Screen Printing is a most cost-effective printing method.  Run a dozen or five hundred prints for just a few pennies each.

* Multiple screens can be run off in one efficient session: no mess, no fuss, no chemicals to rinse.

Screen comes in sheets, or rolls.  Make a banner, pop out a clothing label - one minute to printing!

 height: 115 mm / 4.5 inch
depth:  200 mm / 7.9 inch
length: 450 mm / 15.7 inch
Metal case, microprocessor control, dual fans, auto overheat protection, CE

A4 Thermocopier by
Max screen width:  220 mm / 8.75"

• NWS BONUS ~ 5 pack  B70s thermafax screens for startup

Basic Frames :
Clear sealed Matte Board Frames,   2 convenient sizes:
Medium 4.5"x6.5" inner window/8"x10" outside
Large, 8"x10.5" inner window/11"x14" outside

Frame Size Options


Thermal Screen
70 Mesh  Sheets
9.5" x 11"/230 x 290 mm

* Click here for screen rolls!
Full, halves or quarters, 100 mesh and 70 mesh
   ...and more screen choices

1. Prepare your original
As with standard gocco printing, image your artwork with carbon-based ink or printer.   Place a sheet of screen master over the artwork, with the shiny side to the carbon image and the woven side up.  The plastic “carrier” is not used for gocco screen masters,  but you must ensure that all of your design is completed covered by the screen or by blank paper, since any uncovered carbon in your artwork may heat-fuse onto the light tube inside, causing damage.
2. Power On
Press the main switch.  This is the toggle switch at the back. The LED s on the front will light up.
3. Set Speed Control
Turn the speed control dial to the desired exposure number. This sets the speed at which the screen is passed over the thermal lamp, and is adjustable even while the screen is in process, to cut the time or increase it.
*Start with a medium setting. # 5 is the initial setting recommended by the manufacturer. A higher number = more time. You may find it desirable to adjust the setting according to the grey scale value of your printer's output – darker images require less time than lighter printouts.
4. Insert Document
Place your document face up into the slot at the bottom front under the controls, along the insert guides. Smaller documents should be place in the center of the slot.  It's like feeding a document manually into a scanner or a DVD into the player. Slide it in gently as far as possible until the imager automatically retracts it. The illumination is automatically triggered by this action too.
*The green LED light will flash.  As long as it blinks, don't switch off the device or disconnect it from the electrical outlet.
5. Finishing
The imaged screen with the original attached will emerge from the back slot, slowly and automatically.  When it has gone through fully, the lamp will turn off, and the motor and fans will stay on briefly to cool down the mechanism and lamp.>

           Tape your screen into a   Frame   *   to   *      P  R  i  N   t    

Panenka A3 Thermafax, 12" width

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*some helpful links: more or less entertaining...some more so.
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~ making, framing and printing:
              Your Thermal Screen
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