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seed paper wildflowers

Planting instructions

  Give the Gift of a Garden!
Multi-zone wildflower mix as listed further down. Plant outdoors, in season.
Once established, these wildflowers require little or no maintenance.

Wildflower Seed-embedded Whimsies & Favors

Enjoy!  *Mount  a plantable ornament on a little card for special notes   *Tie on a ribbon tag for your special events  *Have your guests walk through a ribbon hung flock of doves, or butterflies to discover their table tags...
Did you see CreativeArtsCafe Recipe:  instant-happy note
and  for more ideas & how-tos, click here or here .    B inspired!


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This mix of colorful wildflowers includes native varieties like
* Bird's Eye
* Clarksia
* Black Eyed Susan
* Sweet Alyssum
* English Daisy
* Catchfly
* SnapDragon

  Many of these natural beauties are attractive to birds and butterflies across the country. Although we eschew invasive species, we love volunteers, and our wildflowers will often self-seed for years of blossom.

Large Shapes, approximately   5 x 3 1/2 inches ~   Butterfly, Dragonfly, or Dove.
 Designed originally for weddings and bridal showers, these beautiful seeded favors
are also an inspirational element for graphics and scrap booking.

Plantable Butterfly Favors
5 x 3.5 inches 

Butterflies represent Joy in Living,
Joy in Nature and Purity of Heart

choose your color:
FIVE PACK/ $3.75

Plantable Dragonfly  5 x 3.5 inches

The Dragonfly ~ a beloved image of Renewal, Transformation, and a positive Life force.
color ~
FIVE PACK/ $3.75

The Plantable Dove Favor   5 x 3.5 inches

An enduring symbol of Peace and Hope.

Choose your color ~
FIVE PACK/ $3.75
Medium : Heart, Cat, Flower ~ 5 per pack, $2.25  Approx.  2.75 to 3 inches ~
Rubberstamp, hand write, emboss! Great for gift tags, bookmarks, place cards.

Retro Blossom -
Happy thoughts of flowering meadows, sunny days ahead, garlands and daisy chains 

Plantable Whimsy Flower

choose your color:
2.2 x 2.25  inches    $.48  


Plantable WILDflower Heart
2 1/2 x 2 5/8 inches
. $0.45 each 
**only 4 each left - BLUE or PINK


Heart Favor with envelope and tag
A little love can go a long way.
  Simply Perfect, Perfectly simple


Kitty kitty - Nice and Narrow, perfect for bookmarks.
2 x 3 1/2 inches 

  Little and Cute: Make Plantable  Boxes, Flower Cones and Gifting Envelopes
Versatile ! Fun! Place setting gift boxes, just right for a charming take-home favor.
When guests plant the paper box, wildflowers grow into a lasting memento of a special day, shared.

 Box Template *free*s
live, love, Laugh  ~ Dream   And  Do.

   Handwrite, screenprint, die cut, emboss or stamp - be creative!       
  Chocolate Kisses? Toasted Almonds?     Sour Gummie Worms?  tiny seashells?     
...ew,  lumps of coal...  ! ...ew...  

Favor Box / Table decoration


 A simple box is easy and fun to decorate.

  Click Here! for a step by step tutorial to create the box at left with silk or real flowers.

*Or* print it yourself with a custom screen, before folding. For this wedding shower favor box, we used copper metallic ink and a simple script font.  


Create your own lovely pieces -
Die-cut, emboss, print, embellish
with your own custom designs.

Use a little box template and make your own table favors :~)

A2 size, 6 packs $3.95

available colors:

Letter size, 5 packs $4.95


Except for the petalled white, these may be used with care in desktop printers,, or printed/stamped/embossed/diecut.