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Standard Gocco Printers:PG5 and PG11
Large Gocco Printers: PG Arts

****** B6, PG5, PG10 and PG11 all flash B6 screens using two bulbs ******

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Print Kits "PG5"

The PG5 is the "new and improved" version of the older B6. The lamp housing is easier to handle and the positioning frame for screens offers a more secure fit, preventing screens from bending or slipping. It is also slightly more compact and decidedly more colorful!


PG5 Print Kit SK-5    .

The PG5 KIT SK5 comes with the components shown: red, black and gold inks, 4 lamp bulbs, blue filter, lamp housing, 1 card drying rack, owner's manual, 2 screens, ink blocking material, instructional CD plus manual in English, printer, pen, and batteries.

***For International Priority Shipping: Please use the "Add Payment" buttons at the bottom of this page to complete your transaction: Canada~$9.00 / EU~$29.00 / SA, Asia, Australia, Africa ~$33.00***

PG5 Print Kit Extension Pack ~    


The Refresh Kit includes components as per the old B6 Kit~ 7 standard inks (white, black, red, green, blue, yellow and brown), 5/pack hi-mesh B6 screens & 10/pack bulbs. Please note: With this kit, you may choose ink for paper or ink for cloth; the default is paper. *For similar kit a la carte, please see print gocco Accessories
__________________________________ __________________________________

Print Kits for PG11

This is the top of the line of the print units that use the B6 size screens. Like the PG10, the PG11 is designed to make registration of multiple plates simple and straightforward. The top has an adjustable registration plate helpful for accurate registration, especially for CMYK process color separations, and the bed, or platen, is also adjustable to assist in positioning your screen masters and your print materials correctly.

PG 11 SK-11: The Basic Kit   .

PG11 Basic Kit: main unit body, lamp housing, positional registration plate, user instructional manual (English), basic gocco instructional CD-ROM (English), blue filter, RISO pen, and batteries(AAs), RISO screen cleaner (15 ml), illustration booklet~ plus *bonus DVD ~ Advanced Gocco Technique.
:~( SOLD OUT )~: __________________________

PG11 Kit RK-11: Full Kit  

:~( SOLD OUT )~:
Includes the PG11 as above with discounted extension pack ~ all you need to get those prints rolling. 7 standard inks for paper or cloth (white, black, red, green, blue, yellow and brown), 10 lamp bulbs, 5 hi-mesh B6 screens and full size ink blocking pack.
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: Canada~$9.00 / EU~$29.00 / SA, Asia, Australia, Africa ~$33.00










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