EZ PHOTO SCREEN - simpler than silkscreen, works with gocco and YUDU too!             Bookmark and Share

      StencilPro     EZ photo screen is exactly that:  no messy emulsions, no darkroom, no more throw-away lamps!                     
                                                                                                                                                                            *View a tutorial for gocco use at the manufacturer's website
So cool!  Photosensitive screens are exposed with sunlight or a fluorescent lamp - no extra equipment taking up space in your work area. Designed screens can be mounted in a frame for printing or you may simply run duck tape around the edges to give you a wider margin for handling and inking. Simply peel the film off after printing, store the screen for later use and reuse your frame for a new design.


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Decal Paper and Covercoat

Thermafax  One minute  screens. Really.

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Alternative Inks
for YUDU, Gocco, Thermal Printing: Glow Inks, Metallics,SuperOpaque

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YUDU and silkscreen
What is Yudu?   FAQs

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 High Resolution PhotoEZ  is our favorite version. Perfect for fine line drawings, detailed halftones - for cards, fabric, ceramic paints, glass etching. Did we mention it is perfect for gocco printing?
HiRes photoscreen works well for reproducing photographs and is fine enough for even high precision scans like printed circuit boards.  One caveat:
Coarser pigments may clog in the mesh so it's best to work with finely ground pigments. Most onglaze/china paints and most commercial glazes (Duncan Concepts, for instance) are fine. ;->                                                               For more info, please visit the creativeartscafe's ezphoto tutorial

NEW!    StartUP Kits ! a low cost option to explore this simple process.
  ~ Just add water and sunlight! ~

  FREE with kit order   (while supplies last):     RISO 100 ml Screen Ink - blue, red, yellow, green or black

EZ START Mini Kit  -            $19.95

Mini Kit & ink color~

EZ START Standard Kit -  $29.95
for all Silkscreen and standard Gocco's

Standard Kit & ink color~
  • One (1) 5"x7" Contact Frame

  • Four (4) 4.2"x5.5" StencilPro Silk Screen Standard Sheets

  • Sample small screens to Test Exposure Time

  • One (1) Multi Edge 2" Sharpie Squeegee

  • Instructions
  • One (1) 5"x7" Contact Frame

  • Four (4) 5"x 7" Silk Screen Sheets

  • Sample small screens to Test Exposure Time

  • One (1) 6" Speedball Squeegee

  • Two (2) letter size Transparency Sheets

  • (1)5.5 x 8.5" Plastic Canvas Washout Screen
  • One Re-usable Plastic Frame - good for screenprinting and also fits standard gocco's
  • Instructions

Just want some screen material?
> Hi res photoscreen,  full sheet sizes

Full page letter size sheets are easily cut to size for smaller designs, or use fullsize. 


PRINTable Transparencies 

 Print from your computer, or draw directly on the film with any opaque ink, then burn onto the emulsion sheet/screen in your Yudu. Smear resistant transparencies allow sharply defined images.

*Please choose INKJET  or LASER as needed*

standard gocco/
A7 card size

Sturdy Reusable  Frame:
about 4.25 x 6.25   $4.95

PhotoSilkscreen Emulsion Sheets 10.5" x 7.5"

Water application emulsion sheets are super easy to apply on your stretched screen for an even and smooth coating.
Strip the old emulsion to re-use your screened frame with a new design  
Starting at $12.95
Sheet Count~
Blockout (2oz.)
Nontoxic and nonflammable, quick and easy clean up with water, "Blockout" does just what it says. Paint out pinholes, smudges, unwanted lines. Lets you fix your mistakes, allowing you to repair screen images instead of starting from scratch.
MSRP: $8.00   Our price: $5.95

Biodegradable cleaner can be safely washed down the sink. Spray or brush emulsion remover on both sides of screen, work into screen with a non-abrasive pad, or a brush. Let sit 30-60 seconds before spray-rinsing with water, using pad or brush as needed for complete removal.

6 0z.     $4.99

myBIGfat Squeegee:

Sturdy dependable standard squeegee, great for cloth. Classic red rubber with nice ergonomic plastic handle. From Speedball, who do know their Screen-printing!               $6.00

teeny* sharpie  squeegee - 2" and 3" twin edge. 
Bigger than a credit card - and stronger, with several usable edges for printing.  Smaller than a pocketbook.                               99 cents


INKJET Transparencies: 

Which side of the film do I print on?
Waterproof film has two sides, the carrier sheet side and the inkjet receptive side. You can tell which side is the inkjet receptive side by the getting your finger slightly wet and touching the film. The side your finger sticks to is the printable side.

What are the optimal printer settings?
Inkjet Printers: Open your printer menu "Utilities" drop down menu to choose the following options:
~  Select BEST QUALITY PHOTO or BEST IMAGE This will enable your printer to print at its max resolution.
~  Select paper settings dropdown to "premium glossy photo paper" or similar. This tells your printer to lay down the maximum amount of ink, which gives you the best opacity.


*  Handle the printout with care; it may remain wet longer than usual. Some printers allow you to select "longer drying time". This function is in the "Advanced" tab on the print options menu.